Diamonds' First Class Guest; Sergeant Agent Ryan Hoppck, CTO Shown with Anthony Purich, CTO and Cora Park, CEO

On August 9th, Diamond Business Communications welcomed back Sergeant Detective First Class Ryan Hoppock, Cyber Task Force Officer (TFO) of the NJ Cyber Task Force who spoke at their summer Cyber Security Lunch & Learn, held at the MidJersey Conference Center, Riverview Plaza in Trenton NJ. An educational awareness seminar crafted by Diamond for the (SMBs) Small and Medium sized businesses to learn how to protect their business data and all over infrastructure from a Cyber Attack.

Sergeant Hoppock, TFO shared current activities and emerging programs that the State of NJ is cultivating to provide SMBs with the access for help in the event of a data breach and/or cyber-attack. Programs like NJCCIC New Jersey Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell – NJCCIC These departments are helping expedite the business owners without direction to connect with the right contact for help in the event of a data breach or ransomware attack. In crisis situations time is money and getting to the right person fast is vital.

He also articulated the importance of relying on MSP’s (Managed Service Providers) and IT professionals like Diamond Business Communications that utilize a 1600+ engineer Network Operations Center (NOC) to provide a proactive combination of layered technologies with the round the clock defenses needed to thwart Cyber Attacks and sustain data security.

The problem of cybercrime continues to grow. And despite their small size, SMBs are prime targets, absorbing 81% of all cyberattacks.
Small and midsize businesses need to take measures to protect themselves from cybercrime and loss of business by implementing a cybersecurity strategy. If you have questions on how to protect your business or want to be included in the next seminar for Cyber Security Defense Strategies, call a Diamond representative today. 609-642-9300. Prevent, Detect & Respond!