Advance Threat Protection –  Stop Ransomware in its Tracks!

24/7 threat assessment and response protect you from breaches that make headlines

Prevent - Detect - And thwart Attacks from known and unknown sources!

Cyber Security

Next-Generation Endpoint sand Server Protection -- Our breakthrough platform unifies prevention, detection, and response, driven by machine learning and intelligent automation.

Why use a Diamond Platform?

“When you utilize Diamond Business Communications for an Endpoint and Server Protection Solution we include access to the SECURE OPERATIONS CENTER (SOC) An outsourced Help-Desk. At NO CHARGE!“ No matter what size your business or enterprise. No additional fees.

This means we are providing our clients with a 24/7 Around the Clock Cyber Security Analysts team.

Benefits of Our Endpoint Protection Platform

  • Superior prevention and detection of advanced threats without performance overhead
  • Complete Visibility Into Script-Based Attacks And Other Exploits That Are Invisible To Definition-Based Anti-Virus Ability to Roll Back A Ransomware Attack
  • Next Generation End Point Protection
  • Fully Managed Anti-Virus Replacement
  • Team of Professionals Investigating Threats Around The Clock
  • Remote Incident-Response And Security Team
  • Real Time Threat Analysis
  • Advanced Forensics And Client-Facing Incident Reports
  • Easily deploy, scale, and manage across enterprise and cloud environments
  • All for flat fee per device!

Dealing with today’s cyber threats requires a fundamentally different approach.

The key to effective endpoint protection lies in the ability to intelligently uncover and behavior detect advanced threats, and respond at machine speed.