Don't suffer a breach over a weak password! Control the passwords used for your business, don't be the next headline.

Still turning a blinds eye because you think it's to complex to change?

IT’S NOT! Don't get your butt caught in a sling. Stop the madness!

“How to Use A Password Manger & Get Your Life Back"

 Wednesday February 17th

  12pm - 1pm  


 Don't loose everything you've achieved over a password.         Take Control Of Your Team NOW!

Aside from the obvious, “cyber security and the digital safety" of your business being hacked because someone is using the same password over and over or worse emailing shared passwords to co-workers (ugh no), how about your time and the annoyance of having to come up with all these passwords. "Now I’ve got your attention, I hope.”

I am sure the thought of what you are expected to do;

Create a complex, long, unique password composed of at least 12 characters that include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Plus a different one for each program or account equates to

Too hard do it later - Good News, its EASY, Do it NOW. See how 

Why are you torturing yourself?

Learning to use a password manager may seem daunting, but once you start using one that automatically creates those random passwords for you (that you never have to remember), you’ll wonder how you lived without one. Copy to clipboard, paste, tell me more. Yes, even from your phone. A password manager is that rare chance to make yourself more secure and less annoyed. What are you waiting for? Fix your team’s frustration and the security holes lingering in your organization. Register Now!


Wait, that's not all you'll discover. You will leave this webinar learning the key functions of a true Password and Document Manager. A solution you've been waiting for to make your digital work life more efficient, secure and collaborative.

Simple. Smart. Secure.