Cora Park, CEO Founder of interview with NJ Business Star Judy Schmidt, CEO New Jersey State Nursing Association, headquartered in Ewing Twp, NJ.

Judy Schmidt took over the role of CEO in 2015 and thru her steadfast leadership has more than doubled if not tripled the membership of this 120+ year institution that represents the interest of over 165,000 nurses in the State of New Jersey.

Watch this video and learn:

  • How she increased membership even through a pandemic
  • How she has created a culture in her organization that provides value for the modern nurses while keeping the tried-and-true significance in the delivery of educational support and advocacy for the careers and personal    growth of nurses.
  • How her strategy to flip the traditional hierarchy provides the true ROI for the members.
  • What it takes to win legislative victories that both protect and hinder the career in the nursing field. is an initiative created by Cora Park to help entrepreneurs and business leaders learn from successful business leaders throughout New Jersey. These NJ Business Stars are sharing their professional secrets which led them to their NJ Business Star Status. They live and do business in New Jersey so they face the same economic challenges that we all face.  Learn and grow from their stories!

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